THE CEO: Meet 'BECKY ARO', (CEO Kiki Bakes)

(CEO Kiki Bakes, Jos)

As promised, ACE SAID SO is bringing you interviews with Chief Executive Officers who are doing well in their various chosen entrepreneurship disciplines.

On this week’s edition, we have with us a ‘fierce’ dream chaser and ‘Legal Practitioner’. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KIKI BAKES situated in Jos. 

We were able to get her to give us a very brief interview session. Let’s meet her person...

Tell Us About Yourself, Education And Qualification(s)
My name is Becky Aro. I am a student of the University of Jos.

Tell Us About Your Business
My business entails confectionery. Cakes, bread, pastries, pies, scones and many other sweet foods

How And Where Did You Start-Up? 
Well I started in 2014 after my first year diploma in law. And I started in Jos.

Of All Other Opportunities Out There, What Prompted Your Choice Of Your Niche?

Well what prompted me to go into confectionery is my love for beautiful things; cakes are beautiful and I was like why don't turn this passion into making beautiful things people won't just admire but also eat. So I ventured into the business.

What Kind Of People Have You Met/Worked With?
Lol the good the bad and the ugly but I just really thank God he's been my strength to deal with all these people over the years.

How Did You Make Your First Sale And Who Was It To?
My first sale. Ermmm was actually to a friend Martins, he needed a cake for a birthday and I told him I bake so he got one from me.

Do You Have Any External Support From Family And Friends?

Yes my family has been very supportive. Every single one of them. God bless them all.

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So, Have You Been Able To Get Investors For Your Business?
Nope, no investors yet. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Lol

How Often Do People Contact You For Products/Services?
Frequently I'll say.

How Did You Get Your Last Job?
My last job was a cake for my best friend's niece so her mum gave me the job.

How Do You Manage/Adapt Change In Your Field?
Mehn I try oh. It's not easy but like I said its been God. I just change when things do.

What Do You Do Outside Of Work?
I'm still in school.

If You Were To Describe Yourself In One Word, What Would It Be?

What Makes You Different From Others In Your Niche?

What makes me stand out is the fact that I always concentrate on the taste of my cake as well as its attractiveness. So I like to be very creative and try new recipes. Although I prefer working with butter cream or whipped cream frosting. And then I've seen other confectionery works and they mostly concentrate on cakes. But my ability to diversify is what I believe makes me unique.

What Can Make You Quit Your Current Job

By God's grace nothing!!! I mean I've seen oppositions and critics coming even from those I least expected and if that can't make me quit then what will? Nothing by God's grace!

In 60 Words Market Yourself?

60 words? That's too much. I'll say I am a very determined woman. I want people to be happy I want them to eat cakes and forget their Sorrows. Lol so I make sure my cakes are moist juicy and nutritious to all. And there is a cake for everyone. Affordable and of great quality.


Check out Photos of her works. You can reach her via +2348137760871 



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  1. Really fierce and enterprising Nigerian out there. Keep it up @kikibakes.